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  • 11/21/18    •    Wallace Celebrates Thanksgiving with a Chili Cook-Off!

    The fine people of Wallace Hardware celebrated Thanksgiving together with a chili cook-off. There were three categories in which to compete: Hot, Not, and Other. A prize of $25 was given to the winner in each category and $50 and an apron was given to the overall winner. Over 20 different styles of chili were entered. Congratulations to Kamy Welch for winning the Hot category, Lavonda Dudley for winning the Not, and Rachel Jordan for winning the Other and Overall Best!

  • 11/1/18    •    Congratulations to Chuck Crawford, November 2018 Wallace Hardware  Employee of the Month

    Chuck Crawford is the November 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month.  It has been said, "Chuck is one of the good ones," and yes, he is. Chuck is having a fantastic year, increasing his territory 13 percent over last year.  If his business continues, he could make his way into our exclusive $6 million dollar club.  Chuck is an outstanding sales representative and also an outstanding representative for our company.  He is well liked by both his dealers and his fellow employees. And when it comes to our dealer markets, Chuck is usually out front in having outstanding show attendance.

    Chuck's dealers trust him so much that they allow him to do their ordering for them and listen to suggestions he makes.  If Chuck tells them that they could sell a certain product, they will buy it knowing that it will sell.  He is very dependable and reliable.  Chuck makes his calls the same day of the week, at the same time of the day.  As the saying goes, "You can set your watch by him.”

    Chuck always has a positive attitude.  Even when things may not be going well, he always keeps a positive outlook.  Selling is always a challenge, but his attitude is a large reason for his success.

    Chuck loves sports of any kind.  He is a University of Kentucky football season ticket holder and goes to about all their games. Chuck was a very good basketball player in high school.  During his senior year, Chuck had games where he scored 42 and 45 points and averaged 26 points per game.  Don Devoe, the former University of Tennessee head basketball coach, was recruiting him until Chuck suffered a late season injury.  Chuck and his wife, Jackie, are active in their church and enjoy spending time with their children.  We are happy to celebrate Chuck Crawford as our November 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month!


  • 10/31/18    •    Wallace Hardware Celebrates Halloween with a Halloween Bash!

    Everyone at Wallace Hardware had a blast today as we celebrated Halloween 2018! Great food and fabulous desserts were enjoyed by all! Jason Voorhees wondered the halls of the warehouse. The cast from Gilligan's Island found their way to Morristown. A few identity thieves were spotted lingering about. Some minions were discovered in the warehouse. Mr. Rogers made Wallace Hardware his neighborhood. A few mechanics stopped by. A clown, a hippy, some groupies, Captain America, Eeyore, Bob Ross and his happy trees, a demon and even the devil herself were in the building.

    Prizes were handed out for best costumes, best pumpkin paintings, and best department theme. There was also a "guess the number of candies" contest. It was a great time and we can't wait till next year! Happy Halloween!

  • 10/1/18    •    Congratulations to Regina Winstead, October 2018 Wallace Hardware  Employee of the Month

    Regina Winstead is the Wallace Hardware October 2018 Employee of the Month.  Regina joined Wallace Hardware in December 1991.  She is one of Wallace’s most valuable employees dealing with sales people and dealers, especially when it comes to website design and eStorefront issues.  She is very knowledgeable about the Wallace computer systems and its operation.  Regina can fix most problems, “on the spot,” and helps others with her trademark “patience."

    Regina works in the marketing and sales departments where she is responsible for eStorefront updates, the production of the Profit Booster, and the Easy Start book, including updates, and ordering.  She also works as the liaison between our dealers and ADS Phoenix with regard to website creation and design.  But her most demanding job has to be as the right-hand-woman to Eddie Flynn.  She keeps him organized and helps distribute information and materials to our sales force.  Regina does all this with a great sense of humor.  She is dedicated to getting the job done right, whatever it takes!

    During her free time, Regina loves playing golf and spending time in the sun.  She is an avid golfer and enjoys tournament play whenever possible.  More times than not, she comes away as a winner

    All of us at Wallace Hardware appreciate her humor and her ability to make things seem easy, even when they are not!  Because of all these traits, and many others, we are happy to celebrate Regina Winstead as our October 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month!

  • 9/21/18    •    Wallace Hardware Throws a "Gator Hater" Tailgate Picnic

    Wallace Hardware had a little fun in preparation for the big Florida verses Tennessee football game by holding a "Gator Hater" tailgate picnic.  Hotdogs, chips, Petro's, and goodies were enjoyed by all as we listened to the Pride of the Southland Band perform Rocky Top.  We teased our resident Gator fans and held a "best dressed" contest.  Christy Wells won first prize, Marlene Bowman won second, and Kashawna Shiflet won third!  A great time was had by all!

  • 9/1/18    •    Congratulations to David Lackey, September 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month

    David Lackey is the September 2018 Employee of the Month. David has been with Wallace Hardware since January 2012. He is the type of guy that will do whatever it takes to get the job done as well as going the extra mile. David has a great relationship with all his coworkers and rarely misses a day of work. David sets the bar for the other guards and never feels uncomfortable doing the necessary work that is sometimes required of security personnel.

    His supervisor, Terry Crigger, said, “I have worked with David a lot over the years and have never had a bad or down word with him. He is a good man who is sound and mature.”

    When he’s not at work, David loves spending time with his grandkids. He is also involved with his church, Mt. Zion Baptist, located in Newport, Tennessee. This award is well-deserved and all of us at Wallace congratulate David Lackey on being named the September 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month!

    Hardware Employee of the Month!

  • 8/18/18    •    Stanley Price  •  May 1, 1927 - August 18, 2018

    The Wallace family lost one of our own on Saturday, August 18, 2018 when Stanley Price, 91, went home to be with the Lord. We ask that you please keep his family in your prayers during this difficult time. His family will receive friends, Tuesday, August 21, 2018 from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at First Baptist Church, Morristown. Funeral services will follow the visitation. Military graveside services will be 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at Jarnagin Cemetery.Still working two days a week and still married to the same lady, Fioretta, for 70 years, Stanley finally decided it was time to retire last year at the young age of 90. Stanley dedicated the large majority of his life to Wallace Hardware and is a legend in the hardware industry! He began his career with Wallace Hardware in 1947 at the age of 20 when D.M. Wallace, grandfather to Doyle Wallace, hired him right after his high school graduation. Stanley finished a little later than usual because he had left school early to volunteer for the army during World War II. He spent 18 months in Italy serving our country.Already an American hero, Stanley proved right away that he was also a valuable and dependable employee. He held many jobs in his early days with Wallace but found his niche in store merchandising. After Wallace Hardware joined PRO Hardware in 1963, Mr. John D. Wallace set out to implement its five fundamental business principles. Store design and merchandising was the one element that would forever change the future of Wallace Hardware as well as Stanley’s future with the company. Stanley was charged with the task of heading up the new merchandising department and quickly set out to complete his first store. Gray Lumber Company in Beckley, West Virginia was the first Wallace store to be merchandised with new fixtures, followed by the first PRO store, J.A. Greever, in Tazewell, Virginia.Over the years, Stanley implemented his ingenuity, creativity and progressive thinking in his store merchandising concepts. His ideas lead to innovations that have completely changed the hardware industry. One case-in-point happened on a Saturday afternoon in the early 80s when a worker cut an electrical line running from Stanley’s house to the barn where he had a freezer. No hardware dealers that were open had the basic wire nuts needed to reconnect the wires. That’s when he got the idea to develop plumbing, electrical, paint sundries, hardware, and tool concepts for Wallace dealers. He wanted to ensure that our stores carried all the products found and used in residential construction. He particularly designed the concepts for lumberyards that in those days focused primarily on sticks and building supplies. Stanley asked, “Why have customers go elsewhere when we can service their needs and grow our overall sales and gross margin?”Stanley Price added so much to so many during his 70 years with Wallace Hardware. His relationships with customers helped them become better retailers. Many of his merchandised stores went on to receive the Paul L. Cosgrave Memorial Award as the Nation’s top PRO store and every store he reset saw a significant increase in sales. One of those retailers, Eddie Boles of Liberty PRO Lumber, was present at his retirement party to say a few words on how much Stanley meant to him and to thank him for his many years of service. Eddie stated, “I was a Christian when I first began working with Stanley Price. I was a better one afterward.” Several Wallace employees and salespeople also stood up and said a few words about their experience of knowing and working with Stanley. Each remark had a running theme; Stanly Price was a fine merchandiser, a good friend, a great man, and an even greater man of God!Stanley Price, Godspeed! You will be greatly missed!

  • 8/15/18    •    Congratulations to Kelsey Fisher and Logan Livesay

    On Wednesday, August 15, the employees of Wallace Hardware came together to celebrate two of their own. Kelsey Fisher and Logan Livesay met while working in

    the warehouse at Wallace Hardware. They fell in love, got engaged, and got married on Saturday, August 18. Cake, ice cream, chips and orange tea were enjoyed by all as Kelsey and Logan opened their wedding gifts.

    Congratulations, Kelsie and Logan! We all wish you a happy and wonderful life together as husband and wife!

  • 8/6/18    •    Wallace Hardware Hosts the Meeting of the 2018 Dealer Advisory Board

    On the evening of August 6 and all day on August 7, Wallace Hardware hosted the meeting of the 2018 Dealer Advisory Board at our facilities in Morristown, Tennessee. The advisory board meeting allows us to sit and listen to some of our loyal customers as they share their opinions and ideas on things that we are doing well and also things that need improvement.  It also gives these customers an opportunity to learn from each other and share ideas on how to run their businesses more efficiently.  Each member was given the opportunity to tour our facilities and to witness the process of delivering product from our warehouse to their shelves.  They also got to meet key personnel that they might not have had the opportunity to meet at our dealer market

    Monday evening was spent enjoying food and fellowship at The Chop House in Kodak, Tennessee, and on Tuesday morning, we started the day with a tour of our lumberyard before coming inside the conference room to begin the meeting.  Invaluable information, insight, ideas, and opinions were shared throughout the day.  It is now our turn to implement this new information into our processes

     in order to bring an even better customer service experience to all our customers.

    We are indebted to these dealers who selflessly give up their time and travel a great distance to provide their insight.  They all do a great job and we give our thanks!  Our dealers help make us a better company!


  • 8/1/18    •    Congratulations to Steve Price, August 2018 Wallace Hardware  Employee of the Month

    When describing our August 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month, one word above all others comes to mind, trustworthy!  “I would trust him with my wallet, as the old saying goes” said Eddie Flynn.  But trustworthy is only one word of many that describe Steve Price.  Exceptional, positive, motivated, hard working, punctual, and loved have all been used.  And they are all well earned.Steve Price began his career with Wallace Hardware in 1989 at Walker Supply Company.  He worked there until 2010 when he joined the Wallace Hardware merchandising team, a service begun by his father, Stanley Price, in 1963.  Steve is now the head of merchandising and is responsible for the teams that set, stock, and reset the stores of our retail customers all over our service area.Steve puts in a lot of hours, spending several nights a week out on the road and away from his family.  He never complains about the travel or the length of time he may be gone.  Our dealers trust him so much that they hand over their keys to their stores so work can be done through the night.  It is not uncommon for him to work 12 to 14 hours in a day.  Our dealers respect him so much that they listen to his advise about what lines to carry in their stores and how to display them.  Steve’s unparalleled customer service has resulted in increased business for Wallace Hardware as well as the retail stores in lines that may have gone overlooked during the initial planning of a store.Steve doesn’t have a lot of free time, but when he does, he enjoys spending it with his family.  He loves hanging out with his grandson, Zachary, who he and his wife, Serena, are helping to raise.  He also enjoys visiting with his parents whenever he can.  Let us all congratulate Steve Price on being named the August 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month.

  • 7/1/18    •    Congratulations to Karen Coburn,  July 2018 Wallace Hardware  Employee of the Month

    Karen Coburn is our July 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month!  You can thank Almeda Bell and Elaine Gann for hiring her back in 1986.  Karen was taking accounting classes in high school her senior year when her teacher recommended her for a part-time position at Wallace Hardware.  She was hired for the accounts receivables department where she filed credits and performed other tasks given.  Karen also worked for the farm equipment division, lumber and building materials, and answered the phones in customer service at one time.  Along the way, Karen worked for Doyle Wallace when he was the PRO program director and most recently has assisted Scott Snowden in purchasing in the areas of lawn & garden, farm, and tools.  Her work in the purchasing department has been invaluable which is why she was the perfect person to take over the supervisory role in customer service.  According to Ed McKinney, Karen’s quality of work, her attitude, and attendance are excellent.  She has a wonderful relationship with her co-workers, customers, and vendors and her integrity is beyond reproach!Some of our new employees may not know that Karen left Wallace Hardware for a while; twice, in fact, and came back.  She says the people and the Christian family atmosphere are the reasons she was drawn back to Wallace Hardware.  Plus, she says this is where she grew up and she missed Wilbur McMahan!Karen, and her husband, Wes, have three children, Mark Jr., Sarah, and Isaac.  In her free time, she loves spending time with her grandchildren, Ryley, Reese, and Kash.  Let us all congratulate Karen Coburn on being named our July 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month!

  • 6/1/18    •    Congratulations to Charlie Harvey, June 2018 Wallace Hardware  Employee of the Month

    Charlie Harvey is the June 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month. Charlie is a delivery driver for Wallace Hardware and has been with the company for 12 years. He is responsible for ensuring that our merchandise reaches the dealer in a timely fashion. Charlie is a truly dedicated and dependable employee that has an excellent attendance record and is always on time. His supervisor, Steve Bryant, stated, “If I need a driver to leave at midnight for an early load, Charlie is always my first choice!”  He is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and has a wonderful relationship with his customers as well as his Wallace salesmen.

    Before coming to work at Wallace Hardware, Charlie worked for the State of Tennessee repairing bridges.  Charlie is single and has a son, Dennis, and a daughter, Emily.  He has a grandson, Jordan, who loves playing basketball and baseball.  In his free time, Charlie likes to hunt and ride motorcycles. Let us all congratulate Charlie Harvey on being named the June 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month!

  • 5/5/18    •    Our Latest PRO Store, TC's PRO Hardware, Celebrates their Grand Opening

    Our latest PRO store, TC's PRO Hardware, located in Sylva, North Carolina, celebrated their grand opening on May 5. Many folks from the community came out to see the new store, eat some great barbecue, and listen to some wonderful music by Matt Stillwell. It was a fun day for all!

  • 5/5/18    •    Our Latest PRO Store, P&G PRO Hardware, Celebrates their Grand Opening

    The community of Weston, West Virginia enjoyed some great food, door prizes, and fantastic deals at the grand opening event of P&G PRO Hardware on May 5.

  • 5/1/18    •    Congratulations to Linda Keith, May 2018 Wallace Hardware  Employee of the Month

    Near the front door to Wallace Hardware, a rock sits carved with the message, “Go the extra mile.  It’s never crowded.”  Never has a saying been more apropos to Linda Keith.  She is definitely an “extra mile” type of person and that is why she is the May 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month.  Linda began her career with Wallace Hardware in 1986 as a picker in the warehouse.  She was promoted to the catalog department in 1993 and has been there ever since.  She loves working in that department and finds it never boring.  There is plenty of variety with the privilege of undertaking a different job every day.When it comes to printing anything at Wallace Hardware, Linda is the go-to woman!  She is responsible for building new dealer and sales catalogs, keeping the them up-to-date with new sections and pages, printing all the PROclaimers, monthly sales promotions, PRO ordering books, and the tremendously large dealer market ordering books.  She also assists in updating vendor product information and graphics in the computer.  Linda does all of this with a smile on her face.  She never complains, even though working well past five and also on weekends is often required during the weeks leading up to show time.  Linda is a team player with a great attitude and will stay until the job is done.Linda loves everyone at Wallace Hardware, but her favorite people are her family.  She has two children, Roger and Kellie, and three grandchildren, Alex, Brantlee, and newborn, Scarlett.  Rounding out her family are her two dogs, Zack and Zeus.  In her spare time, Linda likes to walk, read, and spend time with her grandchildren.  Let us all congratulate Linda Keith on being named the May 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month!

  • 4/1/18    •    Congratulations to Cynthia West, April 2018 Wallace Hardware  Employee of the Month

    Cynthia West recently celebrated her 40th anniversary with Wallace Hardware on March 29.  She is an extremely well thought of individual and very versatile.  Cynthia has been asked on several occasions to pull up roots and transfer to another department that needed some additional resources, and she has excelled in every area she has worked. She is always willing and able to take on new challenges.Cynthia has held 11 different positions during her time at Wallace, including:  accounts receivable, data processing, purchasing, finance, sales, credit union manager, payroll, advertising, and information technologies, where she currently works with pricing.Cynthia demonstrates qualities that any company would be looking for in a good employee, such as intelligence, dependability, loyalty, dedication and an excellent work ethic. Besides all of these wonderful characteristics, she is a great person!Cynthia has been married to her husband, Jimmy, for 40 years and they have two sons, Chase, who works at Wallace Hardware in the warehouse, and Tanner, who is a web developer at Master Dry.  In her spare time, Cynthia enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with her family.It is because of all these qualities, along with her performance and production, that Cynthia West is the April 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month!

  • 3/1/18    •    Congratulations to Bill Templin, March 2018 Wallace Hardware  Employee of the Month

    Bill Templin is the March 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month. This is the second time he has been honored with this distinction in the past year.  Bill is going on 22 years with Wallace and works in the credit/return department.   Over the past few months, Bill has taken on the role of leading the department as well as training his newest employee, John Booker.  It has been a learning and teaching experience for him, but as always, Bill has been up for the task.  Bill is a very good-natured person and an excellent employee.  He is willing to do whatever it takes to see that the job is done well.  He is very dependable and has an outstanding attitude about his job.  Because of these qualities, his peers voted Bill the Warehouse Employee of the Year in 1997.

    Along with heading up the department, Bill has recently taken on even more responsibility by helping with inventory control.  This responsibility includes ensuring that inventory reports match between the two systems at Wallace Hardware, SX and High Jump.  Bill is extremely helpful to all employees

    and is willing to pitch in and help at any time.

    Family comes first for Bill.  In his free time, he enjoys going to church and eating with his wife, Angie, and kids, Raven, Noah, Caleb, and Lil’ Ryker.  He also loves watching sports and going to band competitions.  Let us all congratulate Bill Templin on being named the March 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month!


  • 2/14/18    •    Wallace Hardware Honors Peggy Dean on 57 Years of Service

    Today, we honored a very special lady, Peggy Dean!  Peggy has been with Wallace Hardware for 57 years!  She is the longest tenured employee with the company and has been a faithful and dear member of the Wallace Hardware family since 1961.  Peggy began her career at Wallace in the catalog department on the second floor of the South Cumberland location.  Her skills were quickly acknowledged and she was moved to the Farm Equipment Department shortly thereafter and later, worked in the Credit Department.

    In 1965, when Wallace Hardware moved to their current location, Peggy moved to the Farm Supply and Commercial Hardware department.  She served as secretary for three buyers simultaneously before beginning her career in

     sales and marketing in the 1970s.  Peggy served as secretary to three sales managers and four PRO program directors before being named to Administrative Assistant to Sales and Marketing in 2000.

    Peggy has become the encyclopedia of reference for Wallace customers, employees, vendors, and events.  She has a wealth of knowledge about the company as well as the hardware industry.  She has seen many changes in her long tenure.  Think about it for a moment; when Peggy began, there were no computers, copy machines or calculators.

    If you have been to a Wallace Dealer Market, then you have met her husband, Edward, better known as Cowboy.  Peggy and Cowboy have a daughter, Angie, and a grandson named Will.  Peggy loves her family and swells with pride at their mention.

    All of us at Wallace Hardware are very proud to recognize Peggy Dean on her 57 years of service and wish her many more years to come!

  • 2/14/18    •    Wallace Hardware Celebrates Valentine's Day

    Great fellowship and tasty barbecue were shared today at Wallace Hardware in Morristown, Tennessee. Everyone wore their red and baked their favorite desserts.  Frankie Violes, Tiffany Russell, and Pam Cupp took home prizes for the best desserts.  We also honored one of our own.  Peggy Dean has been with Wallace Hardware for 57 years!  Congratulations, Peggy, and here's to 57 more!

  • 2/1/18    •    Congratulations to Casey Kinsler, February 2018 Wallace Hardware  Employee of the Month

    Casey Kinsler is the February 2018 Employee of the Month. Casey has been with Wallace Hardware since July 2013 and works in the repack/picking department of the warehouse.  He is very versatile and can perform just about any job he is asked to do. According to Casey’s supervisors, he is an exceptional employee.  This is evident by the fact that he has won the Employee of the Month award twice in his four and half years with Wallace Hardware.  On average, Casey picks more lines than almost anybody else in a given day. In January, he averaged over 100 lines per hour.  That is the equivalent of two full-time pickers!  Whether he is stocking, picking, loading or taking care of call orders, he is always willing to do whatever is necessary and is completely dependable.

    In his free time, Casey enjoys spending time with his step-father, our own Jeff Hale.  Together, they enjoy watching their beloved Tennessee Volunteers.  His future burns bright at Wallace Hardware. Congratulations, Casey Kinsler, on a job well done and for earning Employee of the Month for February 2018!

  • 1/3/18    •    Congratulations to Christy Wells, January 2018 Wallace Hardware  Employee of the Month

    Christy Wells is the January 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month!  Christy joined Wallace Hardware in August of 1994, tackling each day with enthusiasm and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.  She spent 10 years as a picker in the warehouse before moving into a supervisory role.  She has spent the last 11 years as a supervisor.  She is now in charge of inventory control, ensuring that the numbers calculated by the computer system used by the warehouse, High Jump, is in sync with the numbers calculated by the ordering computer system, SX.  She enjoys her job because it allows her to work with just about everyone in every department.

    “Every supervisor in the warehouse goes to her with any problem, whether it’s picking, stocking, or loading,” says her supervisor, Kenny Daniels.  “Christy is an excellent employee, never absent, and always willing to lend a helping hand.”  Christy’s supervisory role was recently expanded to include the Credit and Returns department.

    Christy, and her husband, Scott, have one son, Dylan, who is 16.  Together, they are very active in their church and love cheering on the Tennessee Volunteers.  One the weekends, when the weather is nice and they have the time, they like to go camping and boating.  Let us all congratulate Christy Wells on being named the January 2018 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month!


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