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  • 12/23/15    •    Congratulations to Mike Farthing, 2015 Wallace Hardware Employee of the Year

    Mike is a 39 year veteran of Wallace Hardware.  He started his career on the merchandising crew, working for Stanley Price.  When the opportunity arose to move into sales, Mike jumped at the opportunity, replacing Lynn Dawson in territory #11.  He has continuously served in this capacity and has achieved numerous awards, including Salesperson of the Year in 2000 and 2003.  In 2012, Mike was selected by his peers to receive the coveted D.M. Wallace Award.  He has also received the Almeda Bell Credit Management Award.

    Mike has consistently been a sales leader based on volume and maintains several PRO and Farm Mart stores in his territory.  He is very proficient in analyzing competitive sales programs and in educating his dealers on how Wallace Hardware can increase their profits.  Mike has always been punctual in his attendance and very cooperative in working with Wallace staff and warehouse management.  He is open to new ideas and discovers creative ways to help dealers improve their retail performance.

    Mike approaches everything with a positive attitude.  His customers love and respect him and they show their appreciation through their loyalty.  In return, Mike is very loyal to them as well as to Wallace Hardware.  Mike’s never-ending commitment to excellence is one reason his territory has enjoyed tremendous growth in recent months and why he was selected as the October Employee of the Month.

    While the above is witness to his professionalism, his care for his family is witness to his character.  Mike and his daughter, Sarah, are extremely close and he is very proud of her professional career as an attorney in Chicago.  Mike is also the primary caregiver for his wife, Karen, who has advanced stages of MS.  He is able to perform these functions while still maintaining his outstanding job performance.  Mike is the epitome of James 2:18 . . . “I will show thee my faith by my works.”  A Wallace employee recently made the comment, “Mike inspires me to be a better man.”  This quote reflects the feelings of the people who know him at Wallace Hardware and the customers he serves.

  • 12/23/15    •    Congratulations to Dale Trent, 2015 Wallace Hardware Warehouse Employee of the Year

    Dale Trent was the Wallace Employee of the Month for June 2015.  Dale works in the Receiving Department and takes care of the paperwork, helping the buyer’s secretaries with any discrepancies in shipment receiving.  This is a new position for him and he has tackled it with gusto.  He is doing a great job and is very dependable, always arriving on time and great with answering questions.  Dale is a tease and is well liked by his coworkers.  When he is asked to do something, his first answer is, “I’m not going to do that,” and before you can turn around, the job is done.

    In his free time, Dale loves nothing more than spending time with his family.  He is married to Darlene and they have a “bunch” of children and grandchildren that they enjoy spending time with.  Congratulations to Dale Trent for earning Employee of the Month!


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